We are a tech boutique run by experienced entrepreneurs. We offer advisory, consulting, investment and secondary trading for growth businesses




What makes us different is that we're real entrepreneurs. Like you, we took the leap and started our own tech businesses. We had to prove our idea, sell to customers, raise money and eventually, manage an exit. So, we understand the pressures and opportunities you face and the advice and help that we offer is not just practical, but tested by experience. We have had our own real successes and we can help you achieve yours.


In previous lives, we've worked in many of the top firms on Wall Street and the City and have strong relationships with a network of startups, investors and corporates. We know how to raise money, conserve cash, organise boards, hire smart people and sell products. We have helped steer good businesses through rocky waters. We understand each of the contracts and agreements that are needed to form a growth business. You can rely on us knowing what to do and having the energy and contacts to make it happen. 


We believe in plain English, careful preparation and honesty. We think founders should almost always be backed and mentored, rather than made to walk the plank. We like helping bright people to grow their abilities and their business. We genuinely enjoy technology and the company of developers and creative people. Business success is measured financially, but we believe that is best achieved by great hires, good design, outstanding customer service and disciplined hard work.