We are a tech boutique run by experienced entrepreneurs. We offer advisory, consulting, investment and secondary trading for growth businesses


We help businesses and tech startups grow fast. We’re different - we’ve done it ourselves as real entrepreneurs



The reality of being a tech entrepreneur is tough; far tougher than advertised. We support you and guide you through the specific, deliverable steps to success.


High-growth businesses need decisions - product, technology and sales plans - choices between partners, suppliers and hires. Our experience means we can expert advice based on real experience not theory.

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Jonathan Gittos

 Jonathan Gittos

Jonathan Gittos

I became an entrepreneur after a decade on the trading floors of Wall Street banks: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. I founded my first startup, Marketpipe at the height of the dotcom boom and we were one of the lucky few to prosper through the subsequent crash. We built and operated bond distribution software for investment banks; an early Fintech SaaS business. We were fortunate to win customers quickly and build a great team of some outstanding individuals and were pleased to be included in the Techtrak 100 as one of the fastest-growing UK companies. We sold the company to a VC-backed three-way merger led by our main competitor in the US. It continues to thrive as part of that business.

Partly by learning from mistakes and increasingly, I hope from success, I've become an almost religious believer in the importance of meticulous design, relentless selling, total marketing and exceptional customer service. The most important part of achieving that is hiring the right people, which in turn, means creating a warm, humane, tech culture that attracts the bright and charming. I've now started, advised and invested in many new tech and growth businesses. That experience has grown into this business.

Gillian McLeod, MSc, BA (Hons), MIED, Prince2

 Gillian McLeod

Gillian McLeod

From my career as a Business Practitioner, Economic Analyst/Researcher, Executive Assistant and Retail Sales Manager, I have accumulated a vast amount of experience in all areas of business start-up and SMEs including: financial; marketing; patenting; business planning and business development; investments; social media strategies and much more!

I have a huge amount of entrepreneurial prowess! I have established my own company by creating a new mechanical device, which has been patented in the UK and is awaiting approval in various other countries.  My passion is to assist SMEs and start-up firms in their quest to develop their firms including mentoring young entrepreneurs at Durham University to successfully establish and sustain their business ventures.  I am a regular entrepreneurial guest speaker sharing my own experiences both good and bad that have guided me through my own business experiences. My knowledge, my personal business practitioner experience and enthusiasm for development of companies are exceptional and will assist any company whether it be as a project manager or business consultant.  I have a diverse range of skills and can adapt to any challenge.  One of my achievements has included building a social media campaign for an ex-MEP from scratch and within 4 months published a client’s vlog which reached over 6 million hits.

I am passionate about economics whether it be researching, developing political and financial speeches or carrying out economic evaluations for various organisations including Wheels 2 Work, The Ministry of Fisheries and various other council lead programmes to assist those who are disadvantaged or unemployed.  Policy research, economic evaluations, strategies and action plans, feasibility studies and funding bids are all areas that are essential to all new, start-up or developing companies.  I bring a new edge to any company and develop creative and innovative ideas to advance the aims/objectives of my clients further.